Add On Search

User Experience

Add On Search enhances the online experience by offering products and services to users whilst they are surfing the web. With unique proprietary technology developed by Add On Search, user data is anonymously analyzed to provide relevant product and service offering at the point when a user is searching online. The ads are unobtrusive and do not disrupt a person’s web browsing activities. We do not display nor do we endorse pop-ups or anything that would distract you from your browsing activity.

Ad Network

We are partnered with some of the largest online ad networks including Affinity, Yahoo! and Commission Junction to provide you with largest range of offerings available.

100% Anonymity

We are able to provide and administer Add On Search without collecting any personal information that could be used to identify you. Your internet activity remains 100% anonymous.


Add On Search is compatible with all the major browsers including:

Internet Explorer 7,8,9 (x86)
Firefox 4-16
Chrome 18-22
Safari 4-6
Opera 10-12

For more information about Add On Search, please contact us or visit the official Add On Search Website.

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